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It is my time to bid adieu to Bangalore as I am moving to Kuwait. I booked my tickets on Kuwait Airways since it is the only direct flight from Bangalore; they offer 46kg baggage, blessing for someone with lot to haul. So after downing my last cup of overpriced hatti kappi, I pushed my […]



Usually, if I have to go to my native land, I have to reach the bus station and try to decipher the faded notice with bus timings or enquire at the information desk. A group of KSRTC(Kerala  State Buses)  enthusiasts built aanavandi that allows users to get bus timings of  long distance buses. I just tried it […]

My last day in Stockholm; I hope to come here again when it is summer. ‘This is Sweden‘ is a video showing essence of the Swedish life.

  I woke up late this Saturday and missed the walking tour at Slussen. Having made no other plans till lunch, a friend and I set out to explore the city. We got on what seemed like a sight seeing boat only to realize midway it was actually a ferry. A kind lady, a fan […]

For my first weekend in Stockholm, I decided to visit Norrtälje; 70kms north of the city. The temperature is slightly warmer and the snow in the city is getting slushy. This might be the last chance I get to enjoy the snow. We decided to take the bus from danderyds sjukhus since our SL access cards are […]

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Systembolaget closes early on Saturdays. I found this out too late. So for our 1st weekend celebration we decided to go to a pub. The closest was O’Leary’s sport pub at Tyresö Centrum. The pub sparsely filled up with mostly older crowd with one guy cheering animatedly over […]

I can’t stop staring; six foot something tall, slender frame with flowing golden hair and piercing blue eyes standing next to me. The women are even more gorgeous; most in skinny jeans and impeccably styled attire, probably hurrying to their photo shoots. It is true when they say Sweden has the most beautiful people. They look much younger […]

I am travelling to Stockholm on business trip and as all international trip story commence, this too begins at the airport. The Bangalore airport was quite unmemorable; the check-in was uneventful and I spent my time browsing through the duty-free. I heard the one at the arrival section is not as large; I should verify on my […]

  I have always been a fan of the Incredible India campaigns. Now, in collaboration with Genesys International’s WoNoBo service, they have released a ‘walking tour’ app. WoNoBo tours, similar to Google Streetview, are already available on the Incredible India website and in printable PDF format. Currently only the app is available for Blackberry devices […]