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N for Nougat


In one of my earlier post, I mentioned I was expecting ‘N’ would be named nonpareils though I was rooting for ‘Neyyappam’. Google, in their finite wisdom of naming their Android OS with names of sweet treats, has announced the latest version Android N will be “Nougat.”

Three day ago, during the I/O 2016, Google didn’t announce what Android 7.0 is to be named. Instead they decide to crowdsource and let us suggest what sweet treat should the upcoming OS be named after. This time the front runner from India is Neyyappam, a traditional sweet of Kerala (my home state); a deep fried batter of […]

OnePlus decided to launch their new flagship phone through virtual reality. But rather than asking users to purchase VR wearables such as Oculus Rift, they have created their own VR unit of the likes of Google cardboard. The unit was sold out on amazon for Rs99 + shipping within minutes. I was lucky to be awake […]

Seven years ago, many retailers started providing their customers ‘rewards cards’. Initially these could be obtained only after paying an initial fee and was meant for shopaholics. Now, every retailer is trying to incite their customers with offers of goodies and discount through a free card. This strategy seems to work well with the Indian […]

If you haven’t heard of the Indian Super League, you must have been sleeping under a rock for the past month. After cricket, badminton and kabaddi, India’s newest sport spectacle, football is finally taking center stage. The teams are evenly matched on the field and their results unpredictable. I wished, instead of starting a new league, Reliance pumped […]

E.ggtimer is a count down timer that you will soon can’t live without. This simple tool lets you create a count down using simple english wordings such as:           –   30 seconds    –   20 minutes     –   5 hours When the time expires, the tool […]

Zomato Kochi


Last month when I went back to Kochi for a friend’s wedding, I ended playing tour guide and taking my friends to some of the restaurants I used to hang out in Fort Kochi. I wished there was a food app that tells me how good that new Japanese restaurant was or if there was any […]

Google created a trivia game using their Maps database called Smarty Pins. The game is a simple one in which users have to answer questions by dropping pins on locations. They start out with 1609 kms/1000 miles and the distance from your answer to the correct one gets deducted. The game also seems to be accessible via Google […]

I have a collection of magazines and comics in PDF format and it is annoying to open the file to check whether I have read it or not. Thankfully, Pretentiousname has a fix for Adobe’s PDF preview handler and thumbnails on 64-bit versions of Windows. This shows the first page of the pdf as a […]