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Now that I settled into a new home, it is time to carve out a nook for my stuff. I have been having this old Lego set, with me which I was yet to open. This is my first ever lego set, the #75015 Star War Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.  It is a 2013 model, now retired. It […]



I have a lot of movies and shows, “sourced” through unmentionable means and occupying a large portion of my modest hard disk. Every day I go through the battle of picking out one to watch while balancing my plate of dinner and end up getting frustrated on my indecision and a cold meal. IMDBnator, created by […]

If you are a fan of Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future trilogy, then you would get this. It is 2015! Where are the hoverboards, and self-tying shoes? Tonight is going to be a movie marathon with the trilogy. Above is Phantom City Creative‘s triptych movie poster.

What do you do on a lazy weekday morning? The kind where you get a off day while the rest of the world works. I decided to have an IMAX experience and as luck would have it, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was playing. I could hear my friend’s Yoda impression in the back of my head “Watch Interstellar, you […]