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GuaRented is a website based service which rents out home appliances on a monthly basis. This makes little sense for me because if you are planning to stay at a place 6 months or more, you can own a second-hand unit which is what they are offering as well. But then again, this might turn out […]

The new Star Wars movie is set to released this December. This old video will help you get into the mood. There is a more recent video featuring 8 floppy drives, but sounds way more complicated. I’m going to add this to my DIY projects list. I might be able to “borrow” a floppy drive from […]

I have written about Zen Pencil’s inspirational comics earlier. This week he has chosen a quote from “India’s missile man” and former president, A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s book, Wings of Dreams. The artist chose to potray a comic about “materialism” rather than going with Kalam’s popular messages of education or dreams. Also interesting is that instead […]

When I first saw the Maker of Things video, I thought so it as another We-made-a-cheap-rocket-so-in-your-face-NASA rant but the narrator goes on he challenges the Indian mentality not to settle down but to innovate and create something. The website currently has no content, just a registration page. On another note, I love the decor used for the shoot, […]

This exhuberantly detailed review from Aalok Das has fetched him a iphone6 from Zomato. Though a bit lengthy, he goes in detail about the website’s & app’s features and how Zomato can improve upon them, a lot of which echoes my thoughts.

New Beginnings


A new year begins. Time for me to cross off one my previous resolution off the list. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!