Day 07 : Norrtälje in Winter


For my first weekend in Stockholm, I decided to visit Norrtälje; 70kms north of the city. The temperature is slightly warmer and the snow in the city is getting slushy. This might be the last chance I get to enjoy the snow. We decided to take the bus from danderyds sjukhus since our SL access cards are valid and we would not have to pay any extra charges. I’ll be writing a post in the SL card later.


So on this lazy Sunday morning I dressed up in four layers and got the bus to Norrtälje after 10am. It takes a little over 30 minutes with two stops to cover the journey. I am glad I got a window seat on the upper deck of the bus because the view was spectacular. The roads were cleared of snow and resembled a black snake slithering through the snowy landscape. The mountains and trees seemed to be dusted with a fresh coat of paint and looked like it was straight out of a Christmas card.


We got off the bus and the rest of the passengers quickly scurried away. We were the only tourists and this was clearly not tourist season. We asked around for places of interest around town and the kind couple running the pressbyrån suggested the ski slope a short walk away. The “short”walk turned out to be two kilometers long and on the way we chased a group of ducks into icy water; inspected frozen dog urine; and trespassed to dress a snowman for a selfie. I also threw my first snowball which soon started a snowball fight.


We reached Kvisthamrabacken, the ski slope. The guy at the rental slope suggested coming back another day since they close up early on weekends and there was less than an hour left. Instead we got a bright red kids’ toboggan; went over to the beginner slope and was soon racing downhill with five year old. There were few parents laughing at us and cheering us on.


The walk back was even more picturesque with soft glow emitting out of shaded windows and decorative street lights. Only few people were out on the snow covered streets. We walked back to the bus stop to catch our ride back home; damp, cold, and tired but gratified.


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