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Now that I settled into a new home, it is time to carve out a nook for my stuff. I have been having this old Lego set, with me which I was yet to open. This is my first ever lego set, the #75015 Star War Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.  It is a 2013 model, now retired. It […]

Before you try this, let me warn you, this will be the most addictive game that you have ever played. N++ is the sequel to the N+ and N games. N++ is currently released on PlayStation 4 and the developers have suggested that if the game sells enough they will port N++ to other platforms, […]

Google created a trivia game using their Maps database called Smarty Pins. The game is a simple one in which users have to answer questions by dropping pins on locations. They start out with 1609 kms/1000 miles and the distance from your answer to the correct one gets deducted. The game also seems to be accessible via Google […]