The Kuwait Airways Hijack Attempt?



It is my time to bid adieu to Bangalore as I am moving to Kuwait. I booked my tickets on Kuwait Airways since it is the only direct flight from Bangalore; they offer 46kg baggage, blessing for someone with lot to haul. So after downing my last cup of overpriced hatti kappi, I pushed my trolley to check-in to a very long queue; due to some technical difficulties only one system was working. After what seemed to be an eternity, everyone boarded the plane and the captain promised to make it up by reaching Kuwait on time.

Halfway through our meal service, the air hostess grabbed our trays back and instructed to be ready for an emergency service in Mumbai (Bombay). The panic in her voice was quite evident. For a moment I thought this was the end. We landed without any issues and the pilot said the technical problem would be fixed within half an hour. An hour later, airport security staff strutted in and off-boarded a group of nine. Apparently one of the members attempted to open the aircraft door mid flight and triggered the alarm. The looked like members of a music/religious group on tour. It could have been an honest mistake. It took another three hours to clear us for take off.

UPDATE : This is weird. I can’t find this reported anywhere.

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