Day 06 : O’Learys Sports Pub



As I mentioned in my earlier post, Systembolaget closes early on Saturdays. I found this out too late. So for our 1st weekend celebration we decided to go to a pub. The closest was O’Leary’s sport pub at Tyresö Centrum. The pub sparsely filled up with mostly older crowd with one guy cheering animatedly over a ice hockey match on TV. Initially I went for something to warm me up but ending up having my 1st Guinness on tap. I expected it to be much creamier, however it was significantly better than the Guinness canned version. We were struck up a conversation with the local lads who just got back from New York. The Swedes do seem to be a friendly lot.
Trip tip: The hard liquor prices are quite high and it is cheaper stocking up from Systembolaget.


Update : In retrospect, O’Leary’s is a chain of sports pubs located usually in malls in Stockholm. It did not make the list of must visit pubs recommended by my colleagues

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