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Now that I settled into a new home, it is time to carve out a nook for my stuff. I have been having this old Lego set, with me which I was yet to open. This is my first ever lego set, the #75015 Star War Corporate Alliance Tank Droid.  It is a 2013 model, now retired. It […]

On their 2nd anniversary, Xiaomi restocked their sold out products and I bought couple of their power banks for friends staying abroad. It got delivered within 48hrs which is pretty quick especially when they had a lot of orders. The smaller 10K is light, fits in your jeans and looks very elegant. Here are detailed reviews […]

I never needed a power banks. They are too large, charge my device slowly and I never remember to take them when I go out. Truth be told, I don’t mind when my phone runs out of charge and get disconnected  from the world. But for my trip to Sweden, I decided to get one just in case […]



GuaRented is a website based service which rents out home appliances on a monthly basis. This makes little sense for me because if you are planning to stay at a place 6 months or more, you can own a second-hand unit which is what they are offering as well. But then again, this might turn out […]

While tumbling around, I came across Lush, a British cosmetic retailer of natural and handmade ethical products. Their UK site piqued my interest and after going through it I simply loved the look of their product labels especially the silver tins for solid perfumes.

ACT Fibernet has revealed their surprise and reset the ‘FUP’ (Fair Usage Policy) of all their customers. This means you get back your top speed and your download limit stats get  wiped clean for no extra cost. I’m not a fan of speed limiting policy embraced by the telecoms and this ‘act’ is openly welcomed. Happy downloading […]

The istheri petti (old fashioned iron box) has always fascinated me. My earliest memory involving one was when my grandfather let me carry the heavy tool, straddled between my legs, to the large dining table which doubled as an iron board. I would then climb on the adjacent tall chair and watch him deftly remove […]

Croacia Audio


Sound production company, Croacia Audio,  has created a website devoid of videos, images even text and can be navigated only using voice commands. You will be greeted with a blank white page which will ask for permission to activate your mic during the initial test.  The page was created as a Google Chrome experiment, so the experience […]

When I first saw this, I thought this is an another internet fake. But turns it is not. The video has got over 11 million views and got 1 million in crowd-funding indiegogo page. Here is the tamer version : YouTube The irony is that the Gulf countries who have the finance to implement this project […]

ICICI Bank is offering expression debit cards where you can choose your own design (provided you meet the guidelines). There are stock images in different categories and the ones I like the most are their bright and colorful zodiac art. Link Update: Axis Bank has a similar offering. Link