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I had this poster on my wall for 12 years and it is not coming down anytime soon. RIP Ali.

I have been to a couple of Bengaluru Football Club’s matches in Kanteerava stadium and on both occasions it rained. The roads were jammed with traffic swirling like a whirlpool with the stadium at its center. After such ordeal, I was getting comfortable in my slightly damp seat when the first goal was struck, I jumped […]

The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup starts and cricket fans are up early morning to catch bit of the game before they head out to work. The big tickets Indian matches with Pakistan and South Africa were scheduled on Sundays, surely to ensure maximum viewership. Star Sports, India’s broadcast rights owner, have come up with […]

If you haven’t heard of the Indian Super League, you must have been sleeping under a rock for the past month. After cricket, badminton and kabaddi, India’s newest sport spectacle, football is finally taking center stage. The teams are evenly matched on the field and their results unpredictable. I wished, instead of starting a new league, Reliance pumped […]

I missed few matches due to the time difference between India and Brazil, and my innate inability to stay awake past midnight. But luckily I can catch up on the action action through hoofoot. Most of the videos are with English commentary which makes it better. Now I can get some sleep.

Yet another football post. The Big Picture features a collection by Reuter photographers of goalposts around the world. Through these clicks one gets the sense of the socio-economic differences between the depicted countries. The one above was shot in Mumbai, India.

The much awaited football world cup 2014 in Brazil starts tonight. Most of the matches are to be held after midnight IST. There will a lot of hung-over & sleep deprived Indians at their office desks for the next 32 days. Here are the links to the match schedule in IST by The Hindu and […]