Day 03 : Land Of Supermodels



I can’t stop staring; six foot something tall, slender frame with flowing golden hair and piercing blue eyes standing next to me. The women are even more gorgeous; most in skinny jeans and impeccably styled attire, probably hurrying to their photo shoots. It is true when they say Sweden has the most beautiful people. They look much younger than their age. There must be a factory that churns out these flawless beauties. A colleague warns, “wait till summer; when they start shedding clothes…”

I was warned by my Indian colleagues on what to expect. Swedes get a bad rep for being frosty and unfriendly but I found out this was not the case. Sure they avoid eye contact, do not invade your space and even try not to sit directly opposite someone in the T-bana (metro), but if you ask they will help you out in a jiffy. They don’t like to intrude nor confront and are very private.I find them very polite. Swedes have what you call a flat hierarchy and there are plenty of meetings to hear everyone’s opinion. They don’t like to tell you what to do and let you figure it out for yourself. For me this was weird since I have been told by parents, teachers and managers on what is required and you try to reach that goal. Here they tell you what direction the company or department is taking and it is up to you to find a way to contribute to that goal.

Here is a humorous take on Swedishness

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