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Zen Pencils


My favorite web comic, Zen Pencils, created by artist Gavin Aung Than uses inspirational quotes from famous people or poetry to create a beautifully illustrated comic. Though he only puts out a new comic every fortnight, you will soon be hooked on them. You can read his all his previous comics in the archives. Or buy his […]

Naruto, the manga written by Kishimoto Mashashi over a period of 15 years, 71 volume and 700 chapters, has finally concluded. Naruto is the story of an orphaned prankster cursed with a Nine Tails fox demon, determined to become the Hokage (leader of the Leaf village) to earn the respect and love of his village despite being […]

Bangalore Comic Con, in its third year, has gone bigger than ever. This time, the ample space at the White Orchid Convention Center near Manyatha Tech Park was taken over by comic fans and cosplayers for three days. I went on Day 2 hoping for lesser crowds since the location was a bit away from the city. […]

Lunch Bag Art


I can’t draw a doodle to save my life. Hence I always been awe with artists and their creativity. LunchBagArt features artworks created by the artist on his kids’ lunch bags. The ones above, as you most likely guessed, are of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Recently, my facebook feed has been flooding with posts of the Israel-Palestine conflict intent on making one understand how things got so bad. But usually most of these “documentaries” take one side over the other. This Land Is Mine by Nina Paley is beautifully illustrated cartoon which shows why there is no clear winner. For characters legend, visit […]