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I have returned from my self imposed hibernation deeply frustrated by the lack of reliable information on how to navigate through the basic government procedure. Majority of the expat population is from the Indian subcontinent and even the educated among them struggle when communicating in local language. Arab expats certainly has an advantage. It is […]

I had this poster on my wall for 12 years and it is not coming down anytime soon. RIP Ali.

Three day ago, during the I/O 2016, Google didn’t announce what Android 7.0 is to be named. Instead they decide to crowdsource and let us suggest what sweet treat should the upcoming OS be named after. This time the front runner from India is Neyyappam, a traditional sweet of Kerala (my home state); a deep fried batter of […]

Like everything else, dining out in Stockholm is expensive. Sweden ranks right at the top on the Big Mac Index (not the most accurate way, but should give you a general idea) while India is comfortably at the bottom. Your brain turns into a instant Krona-to-Rupee converter and you will find yourself penny-pinching. I resorted to cooking […]

I haven’t experience non-stop rain in Bangalore like I did the whole of last week. It was more of a constant drizzle; enough to bring the city to chaos with ankle deep water and insane traffic. I cribbed on getting wet on the way to office, on how cars splash the dirty sewage water on passersby, on […]