My IMAX Experience



What do you do on a lazy weekday morning? The kind where you get a off day while the rest of the world works. I decided to have an IMAX experience and as luck would have it, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar was playing. I could hear my friend’s Yoda impression in the back of my head “Watch Interstellar, you must. What you are missing you know not.” I’m not a fan of the movie experience on opening day. I always end up next to the guy who comes prepared (watched the trailer and read up on the reviews) and boosts his own ego by explaining the movie to a friend, while the movie is going on! So I booked a on a lonely seat right in the middle of the cinema hall. The best seats in a cinema hall are 2/3rds from the screen because the audio is calibrated for the best experience there. (Nerd!) Also, you get to sit level with the screen which makes the experience better especially in Interstellar’s wave scene where you have to look slightly upwards to see the kilometre high wave crest hurtling towards you. Makes you squirm in your seat.

As I walked into the hall, I was greeted by ‘IMAX’, written with neon blue lights across the walls, leaving me with no doubt where I was. The seats are wide enough and comfy with cup holders lit up in neon blue to match the décor. But many seemed to be not working giving a randomly lit look to the entire hall.

IMAX (Image Maximum) is a file format for distribution of movies in a higher image clarity and size than normal technology. Though the screen was larger, I didn’t get the immersive feel that I was expecting. The movie’s space scenes weren’t as sharp as those in Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity and had a grainy feel to it. But then again, Gravity was in 3D.

Overall, the IMAX Koramangala in Forum Mall is an enjoyable experience. They can use more variety in snacks though.

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