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Happy Onam


Once again, it is the time to celebrate Onam,  the beloved harvest festival of the southern Indian state of Kerala. Though the festival is fervently celebrated by the Malayali diaspora across the world, celebrations have been muted in respect to the tragic Kerala floods since 2018. To know more about the story of Onam and […]

Onam 2015


Onam is the harvest festival celebrated by Malayalees across the globe regardless of religion or caste. Last year I posted few restaurants where you can book your onam sadhya in Bangalore. This year I’ll be in Kerala to welcome the return of King Mahabali. To know more about King Mahabali and onam, visit this. Last year, […]

Onam Ashamsakal


image : Onam is the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala in the Chingam (1st month of the Malayalam calendar). The 10 day long festival is celebrated by all Malayalees regardless of caste and religion. You can know about the onam legends, customs and games here. I feel onam is celebrated more by NRK (Non Resident Keralite) […]