I can’t stop staring; six foot something tall, slender frame with flowing golden hair and piercing blue eyes standing next to me. The women are even more gorgeous; most in skinny jeans and impeccably styled attire, probably hurrying to their photo shoots. It is true when they say Sweden has the most beautiful people. They look much younger than their age. There must be a factory that churns out these flawless beauties. A colleague warns, “wait till summer; when they start shedding clothes…”

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BankOmat Seaside

On my first day of work, my colleagues decide to take me out to one of their favorite lunch place nearby, Restaurang Bankomat Seaside. After a brisk walk around a picturesque frozen Årstaviken, the warmth indoors felt welcoming. Taking a look around I could see tables, six inches apart, packed with customers; expecting a tasty meal.

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I am travelling to Stockholm on business trip and as all international trip story commence, this too begins at the airport. The Bangalore airport was quite unmemorable; the check-in was uneventful and I spent my time browsing through the duty-free. I heard the one at the arrival section is not as large; I should verify on my way back. Qatar Airways, my flight, was hassle free like most flights are nowadays. The quality and services provided in the economy class are hardly the points of a deep discussion, but you will notice the Doha-Stockholm flight seats were more spacious and comfortable than the Bangalore-Doha ones; probably to comfort the taller Caucasian frame. The on-board movie selection was a few months old and the finicky touch screen ensures that it will take more than a few attempts to choose one.
The whole point of this post and the unnecessary preface is a warning. I had the beginnings of flu before I boarded my flight, nothing to get alarmed about. But the artificial air and the flight policy of ‘no serving of hot beverages during turbulence’ left me a wee bit dehydrated. Soon my nose was stuffy and my throat got dry and every change in altitude made my ear drums feel like sticks of dynamite, waiting to explode. The descents were excruciating and I just couldn’t get my ears to pop. Lesson learnt, always remember to smuggle a nasal decongestant.

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I have been to a couple of Bengaluru Football Club’s matches in Kanteerava stadium and on both occasions it rained. The roads were jammed with traffic swirling like a whirlpool with the stadium at its center. After such ordeal, I was getting comfortable in my slightly damp seat when the first goal was struck, I jumped to roar but choked on the hot samosa in my mouth; and the stands erupt with the ‘Blues” chant. Soon I forgot the rain, the traffic and my damp pants. I just chanted along.
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I haven’t experience non-stop rain in Bangalore like I did the whole of last week. It was more of a constant drizzle; enough to bring the city to chaos with ankle deep water and insane traffic. I cribbed on getting wet on the way to office, on how cars splash the dirty sewage water on passersby, on the state government’s lack of vision, on everything for the entire week. So on a bright and sunny day, the past week feels like nothing compared to what Chennai is facing; the heaviest rainfall in hundred years.
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GuaRented is a website based service which rents out home appliances on a monthly basis. This makes little sense for me because if you are planning to stay at a place 6 months or more, you can own a second-hand unit which is what they are offering as well. But then again, this might turn out to be hassle-free. Currently they are operating only in Bangalore and are planning to add more cities. For prices, visit here.



While tumbling around, I came across Lush, a British cosmetic retailer of natural and handmade ethical products. Their UK site piqued my interest and after going through it I simply loved the look of their product labels especially the silver tins for solid perfumes.
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I have a lot of movies and shows, “sourced” through unmentionable means and occupying a large portion of my modest hard disk. Every day I go through the battle of picking out one to watch while balancing my plate of dinner and end up getting frustrated on my indecision and a cold meal. IMDBnator, created by SKD who was in a familiar predicament while browsing through his college LAN connection, solved this. Read on..


If you are a fan of Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future trilogy, then you would get this. It is 2015! Where are the hoverboards, and self-tying shoes? Tonight is going to be a movie marathon with the trilogy. Above is Phantom City Creative‘s triptych movie poster.


The new Star Wars movie is set to released this December. This old video will help you get into the mood. There is a more recent video featuring 8 floppy drives, but sounds way more complicated. I’m going to add this to my DIY projects list. I might be able to “borrow” a floppy drive from my dad’s PC; I’m sure he won’t know it is missing.