Transferring a Kuwait Telephone Number



I am moving into a new flat and one of the things on the checklist is getting a phone number. Here in Kuwait, the local calls are free for an annual charge of KWD 30; other services cost extra. Also, you need a telephone connection in order to apply for internet from an ISP. I have been getting different informations about the procedure and the Ministry of Communication staff are not known for their assistance. I heard, since a lot of new tall buildings popping up, there are many pending requests for new telephone connection and it could take a while to get one. Hence I decided to transfer the existing connection from the previous owner. Here is what to do:

  1. Get there early; 7:30 is when the staff is supposed to show up. There is no queue unlike other government buildings.
  2. Ask the front desk, they might guide you. For me this turned out to be a dead end. If you can speak Hindi, the safer bet is asking one of the cleaners or teaboys.
  3. Get your documents in order. In my case, I needed my civil ID copy, rental agreement and the previous owner’s civil ID (I took the owner along).
  4. Pray that the person you are dealing with is in a good mood.

After getting the directions to the right room by the teaboy, we were beckoned by a tall distinguished gentleman who understood our requirement and instructed one of the gossiping women to work on it. She couldn’t get it done and we had to wait for the “expert” to come. The whole process completed in little over an hour inclusive taken by an unresponsive system and printer problems.

I had to pay a total of KWD 57.500 which included installation fees of KWD 30, stamp fees of KWD 5 and something that google translated to “buy difference” (فروق اشتر اکات) of KWD 22.500.

Here you can find the fees for different options relating to telephone and pager.
Click here if you are an existing customer and want to know your bill.

Mada Communication provides a free? number with their wireless internet

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