Review: PNY BE740


PNY power bank

I never needed a power banks. They are too large, charge my device slowly and I never remember to take them when I go out. Truth be told, I don’t mind when my phone runs out of charge and get disconnected  from the world. But for my trip to Sweden, I decided to get one just in case I get stranded somewhere. I chose the PNY BE740 (10400mAh capacity) after recommendations from a friend (even though some reviews in said that the device could catch fire while charging).

This is my review after 6 months usage. As hoped,there was no fireworks. The devices worked perfectly in temperatures ranging from -10 to +30 Celsius. The branding fades off, so does the pearl white sheen. The BE-740’s slender form factor and ‘kidney bean’ cross section makes it a good fit in the hand; the dimple on the spine gives an extra grip. The only button is encircled by a shade of blue, similar to the SRK’s futuristic Ra-one body armour and give an elegant look. Single-click lights up the battery indicators and a double-click turns on/off the torch (which is not LED). But the best part is the the 2.1A output which juices my phone faster than the charger bundled with it. Oh yea, it feels heavy and bulky but I would still recommend it.


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