Android N = Neyyappam?



Three day ago, during the I/O 2016, Google didn’t announce what Android 7.0 is to be named. Instead they decide to crowdsource and let us suggest what sweet treat should the upcoming OS be named after. This time the front runner from India is Neyyappam, a traditional sweet of Kerala (my home state); a deep fried batter of rice flour, jaggery, ghee, sliced coconut and cumin.

A bunch of optimists started the we want neyyappam campaign to boost the chances of the sweet being chosen and even designed the website to resemble the ‘Android N name‘ page. You can “suggest” it but it is not necessary that the top contender gets selected. Google get the final
It is a pleasant surprise that the ‘Android N name‘ page has the neyyappam featured on one of its post-its(top left) and also in their promo video. But sadly this probably means it is less likely to be the new name and can be crossed off, like the New York Cheesecake (Android N’s internal codename). I don’t think it ever stood a chance since it doesn’t look visually appetizing and could end up being a PR mess. My prediction would be on nonpareils, a mixture of colorful sugar balls which translates to ‘without equal’.

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