Day 05 : The supermarkets



Like everything else, dining out in Stockholm is expensive. Sweden ranks right at the top on the Big Mac Index (not the most accurate way, but should give you a general idea) while India is comfortably at the bottom. Your brain turns into a instant Krona-to-Rupee converter and you will find yourself penny-pinching. I resorted to cooking most of my meals since I had use of a kitchen. I had planned earlier and got indian masala powders, pulses, atta and pickle mixes (the list was made by a colleague’s wife); enough for a month.

The most common supermarkets in Stockholm are ICA and Coop. The prices are relatively similar. Everything is written/labelled in Swedish and it would be better if you downloaded the Google translate app with Swedish offline package since locating a sale person might be difficult. While most part of the shopping experience is similar to that in large Indian cities, what I found different is the reason for this post – Self checkouts!! This means you weigh your own item and generate a barcode for that item; then walk to the checkout; scan the barcode; make the payment to the machine and walk out of the store without meeting the cashier. The entire system hinges on the moral compass of the customer. I doubt I will see this in India anytime soon. I half expected security to take me to a side room and verify my purchases.

Update– The best place to find Indian groceries in Stockholm is  Kista grossen.

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