Day 04 : Gravad Lax


Gravad Lax

Three days into my stay in Stockholm, I am eager to try out everything Swedish. Pleased with my choice of the raggmunk earlier, a colleague suggested I should start with the cuisine; particularly seafood. For lunch, I decided to try our in-house Nida Cafeteria. For SEK 63, employees get to make their own salad from the bar and choose a protein (shrimp & eggs, spicy chicken or gravad lax). Gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured (atleast 24 hours) in salt, sugar, and dill.
As an Indian eating food that has not been steamed baked, fried or pulverized by some cooking method involving heat is a big no-no. My first experience of tasting raw fish was interesting. It wasn’t as ‘fishy’ as I expected and the sweet-salty flavor complimented the salad well. I suspect that Nida café’s salmon was not the freshest and I might be able to finish a whole bowl of gravad lax ifI try it elsewhere. Overdosed on healthy food, my mind now craves for a pastry.

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