Day 02 : Raggmunk vid Bankomat


BankOmat Seaside

On my first day of work, my colleagues decide to take me out to one of their favorite lunch place nearby, Restaurang Bankomat Seaside. After a brisk walk around a picturesque frozen Årstaviken, the warmth indoors felt welcoming. Taking a look around I could see tables, six inches apart, packed with customers; expecting a tasty meal.

Bankomat Seaside

Most restaurants near commercial offices offer a special lunch menu called ‘lunch dagens’ with prices cheaper than their dinner menu. Keep an eye out for small chalkboards propped outside restaurants. The entire menu was in Swedish and after some extensive translating, much to everyone’s surprise, I picked ‘Raggmunk’.


Raggmunk is a traditional Swedish potato pancake fried in butter and served with fried pork and lingonberries. It is one of dishes which the health conscious Swedes love and have fond memories of; but stay away because of the amount of carbs involved.

The raggmunk is a union between an aloo paratha and the traditional pancake done right; quite delicious. The pork was a bit too hard but still better than the bacon strips in India. I have never been a tangy-flavor-guy so I am not too sure about inclusion of the lingonberries. “Thats the best part”, quips a colleague.  I would prefer this as breakfast but might be too heavy. You can find a simple recipe here.

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