Bengaluru Football Club



I have been to a couple of Bengaluru Football Club’s matches in Kanteerava stadium and on both occasions it rained. The roads were jammed with traffic swirling like a whirlpool with the stadium at its center. After such ordeal, I was getting comfortable in my slightly damp seat when the first goal was struck, I jumped to roar but choked on the hot samosa in my mouth; and the stands erupt with the ‘Blues” chant. Soon I forgot the rain, the traffic and my damp pants. I just chanted along.

BFC Card

If you are in Bangalore, like to wear blue and chant “when the blues go marching in..” to the verge of losing your voice; this will interest you. BFC has opened membership registrations for 2015-16 season.The card and packaging looks top class.
BFC_Kanteerava - Stadium Layout
Memberships will be available online after December 15th but if can’t wait till then, fill this Google form and make the payment at the Bengaluru FC Office at the Bangalore Football Stadium.

Gold Memberships (Season ticket included)
West Platinum A & B : Rs 5,499
West Block A : Rs 4,499
Puma Stand : Rs 3,499

Silver Membership (Discounts with club partners) : Rs 1,449

BFC_Partner Privelages

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