Chennai : Sunken City



I haven’t experience non-stop rain in Bangalore like I did the whole of last week. It was more of a constant drizzle; enough to bring the city to chaos with ankle deep water and insane traffic. I cribbed on getting wet on the way to office, on how cars splash the dirty sewage water on passersby, on the state government’s lack of vision, on everything for the entire week. So on a bright and sunny day, the past week feels like nothing compared to what Chennai is facing; the heaviest rainfall in hundred years.


Facebook has activated the ‘safety’ button so Chennaities can inform their loved ones/friends that they are safe. Social media has been abuzz with offers of shelters and food from many kind-hearted citizens and establishments. But there is lack of centralized, organised help portal except for one – You can ask for food, shelter or volunteer help for your area by calling on the numbers listed. Below are a few pictures sourced from social medias. I haven’t attributed them. I would gladly do so or remove them if they are copyright protected.

Update : You can mark the flooded streets on Flood map which can be of help to volunteers and planners.



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