Smuggler’s Soul



While tumbling around, I came across Lush, a British cosmetic retailer of natural and handmade ethical products. Their UK site piqued my interest and after going through it I simply loved the look of their product labels especially the silver tins for solid perfumes.

SandalwoodSmuggler (Medium)

Their Gorilla Perfume has come out in 2014 with a scent called Smuggler’s Soul which caused quite a ruckus because its label was a caricature of Veerappan, the infamous smuggler/poacher. For children, especially in South India, he was the boogeyman. Mothers used to scare their kids by telling them Veerappan would take them away if they don’t finish their meal or coax the fearless ones to eat their vegetables so they will have a long moustache like Veerappan. He also has a ‘Robin Hood’ image where he robs the rich and distributes to the poor.


Though the company intended to highlight the illegal trading and smuggling that is happening in the sandalwood trade, many think this as a tribute of sorts to the brigand. I can relate to the company’s view as a South Indian growing up in 90s, any talk of sandalwood would bring the smuggler’s name and his grandiose moustache to mind. Also along with the perfumes they have released their first graphic novel On the trail of sandalwood smugglers.


The Smuggler Soul label is unusual from the others as it is devoid of color but on the inside is this wonderful green substance. There is also a Veerappan moustache wax. For reviews on Lush products, you can visit fansite AllThingsLushUK. Also check out Lush’s other product with an Indian connection, Sikkim Girls. I’ll check if The Body Shop or Mother Earth have Lush products.

Image 1 & 2 : a derivative from Lush UK
Image 3 : ItsRudeToStare
Image 4 : AllThingsLushUK

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