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I have been to a couple of Bengaluru Football Club’s matches in Kanteerava stadium and on both occasions it rained. The roads were jammed with traffic swirling like a whirlpool with the stadium at its center. After such ordeal, I was getting comfortable in my slightly damp seat when the first goal was struck, I jumped […]

I haven’t experience non-stop rain in Bangalore like I did the whole of last week. It was more of a constant drizzle; enough to bring the city to chaos with ankle deep water and insane traffic. I cribbed on getting wet on the way to office, on how cars splash the dirty sewage water on passersby, on […]



GuaRented is a website based service which rents out home appliances on a monthly basis. This makes little sense for me because if you are planning to stay at a place 6 months or more, you can own a second-hand unit which is what they are offering as well. But then again, this might turn out […]

While tumbling around, I came across Lush, a British cosmetic retailer of natural and handmade ethical products. Their UK site piqued my interest and after going through it I simply loved the look of their product labels especially the silver tins for solid perfumes.