OnePlus Cardboard VR


OnePlus Cardboard VR

OnePlus decided to launch their new flagship phone through virtual reality. But rather than asking users to purchase VR wearables such as Oculus Rift, they have created their own VR unit of the likes of Google cardboard. The unit was sold out on amazon for Rs99 + shipping within minutes. I was lucky to be awake at the right time and got my piece was delivered the very next day. True to its name, the VR unit is made up of good quality cardboard but can be easily squished if one puts his mind to it. It works with google’s VR app or you can use the QR code at their blog to install the app. Though Cardboard is meant to be used with any 6 inch phone, it worked fine with my Nexus 5.

Once the VR unit is calibrated properly with your phone, you are immersed in a 360 VR world. If you are having trouble in getting rid of the double vision, then rotate your head to choose the ‘tour guide’ and click the button on the top right corner. You will be transported to the Palace of Versailles and a voice takes you on a tour. There are other options you can explore such as Google Earth or you can choose to re-live your vacation panorama photos. One of the drawbacks is that there are no straps to hold it up and your arms can get tired quickly. But I’ll be fixing that with a DIY project. Also when you press the button, there is a shadow on the right side which takes away from the immersive experience. I rather wished they used the Google Cardboard’s magnet to select. I liked the VR experience; though far from perfect, this product is worth its price.

Warning: Might cause nausea for some. Also don’t try walking to get a closer view; it doesn’t work. I kept bumping into furniture doing so.


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