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Onam 2015


Onam is the harvest festival celebrated by Malayalees across the globe regardless of religion or caste. Last year I posted few restaurants where you can book your onam sadhya in Bangalore. This year I’ll be in Kerala to welcome the return of King Mahabali. To know more about King Mahabali and onam, visit this. Last year, […]

I have written about Zen Pencil’s inspirational comics earlier. This week he has chosen a quote from “India’s missile man” and former president, A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s book, Wings of Dreams. The artist chose to potray a comic about “materialism” rather than going with Kalam’s popular messages of education or dreams. Also interesting is that instead […]

Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL), India’s first public-private partnership (PPP), is set to be the first airport to be completely solar powered. This is achieved by using over 46,000 solar panel in 45 acres land to produce 12MW. The project completed by Bosch Bangalore is set to inaugurate today. While I completely laud CIAL for going […]

They above picture reminded me of my childhood days where we had to make our own flags. Getting the right color of orange craft-paper was the highest priority then. I am missing out all the fun this Independence day as I am abroad. They say people get more patriotic when they leave the country; I might […]

Before you try this, let me warn you, this will be the most addictive game that you have ever played. N++ is the sequel to the N+ and N games. N++ is currently released on PlayStation 4 and the developers have suggested that if the game sells enough they will port N++ to other platforms, […]

OnePlus decided to launch their new flagship phone through virtual reality. But rather than asking users to purchase VR wearables such as Oculus Rift, they have created their own VR unit of the likes of Google cardboard. The unit was sold out on amazon for Rs99 + shipping within minutes. I was lucky to be awake […]

It is the 25th anniversary of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, a day most Kuwaitis would like to forget. 248am has posted few interesting links on the subject. I was too young to remember about the incident and was trying to jog my memories by viewing the photo galleries when I came across this iconic photo featured […]