TvC: Star Sports #Won’t Give It Back


The 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup starts and cricket fans are up early morning to catch bit of the game before they head out to work. The big tickets Indian matches with Pakistan and South Africa were scheduled on Sundays, surely to ensure maximum viewership. Star Sports, India’s broadcast rights owner, have come up with #Won’t Give It Back campaign and put out few hilarious television commercials (TvCs) for the Indian audience. Though Star Sports have many other promos and player profile TvCs released, I will only feature the ones related to the team below:

Creative Agency : Lowe Lintas + Partners
TvC : Star Sports – #Won’t Give It Back

This was the ad that came out before the world cup had started showing off the aggressive nature of the young Indian team, the current defending champion.
The ‘Mauka Mauka’ Series

Creative Agency : Star Sports (Inhouse)
TvC1 : Star Sports – India Vs Pakistan

The ad plays out on the fact that Pakistan has never beaten India in a WC match and shows the frustration of a Pakistani fan. An ad well received by the Indian fans and created a controversy, hurting Pakistan’s sentiments. I feel that the ad was hilarious and also successfully strokes the fire of rivalry among the neighboring nations. In the background you can hear the “Mauka” song meaning “chance” has come for Pakistan to rewrite history.
Match result : IND 300/7; PAK 224/10
India wins by 76 runs. The fireworks are back in the closet.

TvC2 : Star Sports – India Vs South Africa

The joke is on the Indians now. India hasn’t beaten South Africa in the WC and though South Africa hasn’t won the cup yet, they are a force to reckon with. The SA fans taunt the Indian fans chanting “Mauka mauka”.
Match result : IND 307/7; SA 177/10
India won by 130 runs.

TvC3 : Star Sports – India Vs United Arab Emirates

It is India vs the world now. The South Africans and Pakistan joined forces and they are putting hopes on UAE.
Match result : UAE 102/10; IND 104/1
India won by 9 wickets.

I’ll be updating the future ads and results.


TvC4 : Star Sports – India Vs West Indies

UAE joins the rest of the gang on the couch. They order the West Indies jersey from YepMe, which means there is no new character. YepMe getting a product placement spot on an TvC is surprising but understandable considering how famous the “Mauka Mauka” series is getting.
Match result : WI 182/10; IND 185/6
India won by 4 wickets.

TvC5 : Star Sports – India Vs Ireland (Teaser)

In the ad, our Pakistani protagonist is carrying the box of firecrackers while wearing an Indian jersey while getting disapproving looks by the people around him.

TvC6 : Star Sports – India Vs Ireland

The hero is  wearing an Indian jersey. If India beats Ireland, then Pakistan might get a “mauka” to qualify for the quarter-finals. It also features commentators Harsha Bhogle and Aakash Chopra.
Match result : IRE 259/10; IND 260/2
India won by 8 wickets.

TvC7 : Star Sports – Pakistan ka Mauka

This time they don’t wait for India’s match to start before releasing the next TvC. In this ad, the hero is still sneaking around the studio and he exchanges his blue Indian jersey for the familiar green one. Pakistan beats South Africa and now are not so dependent on India for their “mauka”.

TvC8 : Star Sports – Quarter Finals ka Mauka

Pakistan have to beat Ireland on their last group matches with a decisive win to qualify to the quarter finals. The ads are losing steam. I wonder if the Mauka TvCs will end if Pakistan fail to qualify.

TvC9 : Star Sports – India Vs Bangladesh

The quarter finals knock-outs have started. Every match counts. India has bowled out all their opponents in the previous match. An impressive feat. Will they be able to do it again? Also, a win would give M.S Dhoni his 100th victory as the Indian captain. Meanwhile this ad shows our Pakistani hero has joined forces with rest of the world and have a ‘sing-off’ with the Indian fans.
Match result : IND 302/6; BAN 193/10
India won by 109 runs.

TvC10 : Star Sports – Pro Kabaddi 2

Pakistan lost their quarter-finals with Australia and are out of the cup. Actor Salman Khan features in this final TvC of the ‘Mauka Mauka’ series, promoting the upcoming ‘Pro Kabaddi Season 2’
Match result : AUS 328/7; IND 233/10
India lost by 95 runs.

Thus ends India’s and Pakistan’s world cup journey. They have to wait for their mauka at the ICC World Twenty20 Cup to be held on March 2016 in India. Till date a host nation has never won the cup. Will India break the spell?  I hoping that there would be a last ‘mauka’ ad showing the Indian and Pakistani sitting together with the box of firecrackers after reconciling their differences; supporting New ZeaIand’s mauka for their match against Australia. I can finally put an end to this post.

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