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Seven years ago, many retailers started providing their customers ‘rewards cards’. Initially these could be obtained only after paying an initial fee and was meant for shopaholics. Now, every retailer is trying to incite their customers with offers of goodies and discount through a free card. This strategy seems to work well with the Indian mindset (who believes getting something free is reason enough to buy a mediocre product). And I end up with fifteen cards, a bulging wallet and a curve on my lower spine.

Bangalore based  Findulum Techlabs Pvt Ltd (probably named by a Harry Potter fan) brings out their SmartPocket app. Though I am not a fan of the name, I really like its clean, flat, minimalist design and subtle colors.


What I liked…

– After selecting one of the several retailers/brands tagged with the app, your details will get automatically filled if you are using the same phone number that was used to register with the brand. Details can be entered manually too.
– The app can provide all the details related to the cards like cash backs and discounts available on bank cards, redeemable points on loyalty cards, travel miles on travel cards, insurance coverage from insurance cards
– Every card gets a generated bar-code image (the same as that on the physical card) which can be scanned by the laser bar-code reader at the counter to quickly and easily enter your reward points.
– Multiple cards of the same brand can be selected. Or a family can add all their purchases to a single card.
– Option for adding Voter’s ID, Aadhar card, Passport, Driver’s license. The app stores digital images of the cards so that the user can have a hard copy printed as and when needed.
– Pin key security to protect your precious information.

I don’t see how they can make major improvements to their product, other than increase their clientele and keep offering it ad free.

Get the app: iOS | Android

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