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If you haven’t heard of the Indian Super League, you must have been sleeping under a rock for the past month. After cricket, badminton and kabaddi, India’s newest sport spectacle, football is finally taking center stage. The teams are evenly matched on the field and their results unpredictable. I wished, instead of starting a new league, Reliance pumped […]

When I first saw the Maker of Things video, I thought so it as another We-made-a-cheap-rocket-so-in-your-face-NASA rant but the narrator goes on he challenges the Indian mentality not to settle down but to innovate and create something. The website currently has no content, just a registration page. On another note, I love the decor used for the shoot, […]

This exhuberantly detailed review from Aalok Das has fetched him a iphone6 from Zomato. Though a bit lengthy, he goes in detail about the website’s & app’s features and how Zomato can improve upon them, a lot of which echoes my thoughts.