Thaikkudam Bridge in Bangalore


Thaikkudam Bridge

Thaikkudam bridge is a Kerala based band which got immensely popular after their appearance on Kappa TV’s Music Mojo. ‘Nostalgia‘, their most popular single involves a mix of few heart-tugging yesteryears melodies. They are also know for their unprecedented number of 8 vocalists. After a performance in Dubai, the band is coming to St.John’s Medical College to enthrall Bangalore malayalees. You can get tickets here.
On an unrelated note, I wonder how they got rivals Kelloggs and Quaker to sponsor.

Update: Thaikkudam Bridge’s performance was a mixed bag. Initially I was surprised to see the sheer number of people thronging in to see the band perform and realized that I didn’t know how popular this band really is. After what seemed like a long time to pass through the flurry of hassled volunteers and inept security personnel, my group of merry men reached the stomping grounds only to realize that since this is a hospital ground, there wouldn’t be any intoxicants allowed. The only way was to top yourself up earlier and they were quite many prognosticators with full bellies. Thaikkkudam Bridge started out with a mix of fast and slow songs which soon sapped the crowd’s energy who kept yelling for ‘Fish rock‘, the band’s trump song. Though one of the musicians had a small altercation with a fan (and irked rest of us), it was soon forgotten as the evening progressed. The overall performance was pleasant with good performance from the band’s godfather (Thekkum kooradiyathi & Appozhum). Govind Menon’s pied piper skills with the violin charmed the masses to their feet stomping up the dust (something the organizers should have taken care of).

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