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Bangalore Comic Con, in its third year, has gone bigger than ever. This time, the ample space at the White Orchid Convention Center near Manyatha Tech Park was taken over by comic fans and cosplayers for three days. I went on Day 2 hoping for lesser crowds since the location was a bit away from the city. […]

Thaikkudam bridge is a Kerala based band which got immensely popular after their appearance on Kappa TV’s Music Mojo. ‘Nostalgia‘, their most popular single involves a mix of few heart-tugging yesteryears melodies. They are also know for their unprecedented number of 8 vocalists. After a performance in Dubai, the band is coming to St.John’s Medical […]

Lunch Bag Art


I can’t draw a doodle to save my life. Hence I always been awe with artists and their creativity. LunchBagArt features artworks created by the artist on his kids’ lunch bags. The ones above, as you most likely guessed, are of Jesse Pinkman and Walter White from Breaking Bad.

Rinoy Sebastian shows a bird’s view of Kochi using a quadcopter.  I wish he would have used only aerial shots in the video and added more iconic locations especially the marine drive waterline. If you like what you see, contact here.

E.ggtimer is a count down timer that you will soon can’t live without. This simple tool lets you create a count down using simple english wordings such as:           –   30 seconds    –   20 minutes     –   5 hours When the time expires, the tool […]

Onam Ashamsakal


image : Onam is the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala in the Chingam (1st month of the Malayalam calendar). The 10 day long festival is celebrated by all Malayalees regardless of caste and religion. You can know about the onam legends, customs and games here. I feel onam is celebrated more by NRK (Non Resident Keralite) […]

image via This is old news but the event is yet to happen. Red Bull are letting Indian show off their wings through the 1st Red Bull Flugtag to be held in Sankey tank, Bangalore. The Flugtag, german for air show, has been held in different cities since 1991. Each participating team comprises of four individuals […]