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Croacia Audio


Sound production company, Croacia Audio,  has created a website devoid of videos, images even text and can be navigated only using voice commands. You will be greeted with a blank white page which will ask for permission to activate your mic during the initial test.  The page was created as a Google Chrome experiment, so the experience […]

I missed few matches due to the time difference between India and Brazil, and my innate inability to stay awake past midnight. But luckily I can catch up on the action action through hoofoot. Most of the videos are with English commentary which makes it better. Now I can get some sleep.

I have a collection of magazines and comics in PDF format and it is annoying to open the file to check whether I have read it or not. Thankfully, Pretentiousname has a fix for Adobe’s PDF preview handler and thumbnails on 64-bit versions of Windows. This shows the first page of the pdf as a […]

Yet another football post. The Big Picture features a collection by Reuter photographers of goalposts around the world. Through these clicks one gets the sense of the socio-economic differences between the depicted countries. The one above was shot in Mumbai, India.    

The much awaited football world cup 2014 in Brazil starts tonight. Most of the matches are to be held after midnight IST. There will a lot of hung-over & sleep deprived Indians at their office desks for the next 32 days. Here are the links to the match schedule in IST by The Hindu and […]

Comedian John Oliver made net neutrality simple. Apparently after this hilarious bit, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) comments section crashed due to the heavy traffic.

When I first saw this, I thought this is an another internet fake. But turns it is not. The video has got over 11 million views and got 1 million in crowd-funding indiegogo page. Here is the tamer version : YouTube The irony is that the Gulf countries who have the finance to implement this project […]



A request to the new Prime Minister of India.